Microsoft 365 allows the Ohio State community to collaborate through one cloud platform delivering a wide range of productivity apps.

Access email, store and share files, communicate with your coworkers or students, schedule meetings, track your to-do lists and more by integrating applications and downloading them on up to five devices.

Approved Integrations

Learn more about third-party integrations and requesting add-ins.(link is external)

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Caissa
  • CarmenCanvas access to Office Online
  • CarmenCanvas access to OneDrive
  • Cronofy
  • Explain Everything
  • iAnnotate 4
  • MathType add-in for Microsoft Word
  • Mendeley
  • Microsoft Educator Center
  • Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand
  • Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer
  • Oncourse (EAB Integration)
  • People Graph
  • PowerDMS
  • ReadAndWrite and ReadAndWrite Desktop
  • RefWorks Citation Manager
  • Smartsheet access to OneDrive
  • Titanium Schedule Calendar Sync
  • Zoom

Please be advised that Microsoft 365 add-ins may require you to create an account with that vendor. In these cases, be sure to set a unique and strong passphrase; do not reuse your Ohio State or other passwords. Enable multifactor authentication where available. More information is available from Ohio State's Information Security Control Requirements (ISCR)(link is external) and Password Guidance from NIST(link is external).

Microsoft 365 Product Accessibility

If you have a disability and have trouble with any Microsoft 365 product, please reference the Microsoft Accessibility Disability Answer Desk(link is external) where you can contact Windows and Office accessibility support(link is external) through various methods. If you require additional support, please call the Ohio State Accessibility Helpline 614-292-5000.